ECE 6254 - Statistical Machine Learning

Spring 2018

Homework Guidelines for ECE 6254


The application of learned principles, and practice, are essential to learning new material. An important part of an engineer’s training is to learn how to approach a problem logically and present the solution in a clear and coherent way. Accordingly, the following are guidelines that are aimed at improving the quality of homework submissions, facilitating learning, and helping the grader to quickly evaluate your submission.



  • All answers must be clearly indicated (boxed if appropriate). It should be easy to identify the answer to each problem at a glance.
  • Use sufficient paper.  Cramming lines together and writing small make your work difficult to decipher.  Consider your answer to be a presentation of your thought processes and work—make it orderly, neat, visually appealing, and convincing.
  • Start each problem on a new page.
  • Be as brief as possible but no briefer. It is important to get to the heart of a problem and not cloud your submission with fluff. However, leaving out important steps or information is not acceptable. Practice brevity while maintaining completeness.
  • Put your name in the upper right corner along with the date and class (ECE 6254). This information should appear on every page of your submission. You may also use a cover sheet.
  • Staple your submission. Folding the corners, etc., does not count.
  • Keep your paper neat. Do not use paper with rough edges from being torn out of a notebook. Write on one side of your paper. Engineering paper is preferred but not required.
  • Grading
  • In order to facilitate more timely grading, a random subset of the homework problems will be graded each week. You are encouraged to study the solutions for every problem and compare with your own.



  • Atlanta students - Assignments are to be turned in at the beginning of class on the due date
  • Remote students - Assignments are to be turned in by 9:00 PM on the corresponding due date (usually one week later than the Atlanta section).
    • There is a change in the submission process:  the assignments are to be scanned and uploaded to the t-square assignments tab.
    • The scans should be high quality scans and should be in a single PDF file (where required, code may be in a separate file).
    • If you use a cell-phone camera to scan make sure that you use a scanner app that crops to the paper, removes shadows, and generally creates a high quality scan that is easily printable.

Homework Assignments





Professor: David V. Anderson